The Complete Guide on How to Use Salicylic Acid and Vitamin C Together

If you need to know tips on how to use salicylic acid and vitamin C collectively, you’re probably scuffling with extra oil, breakouts, and post-acne marks — been there, finished that. Yep, mixing skincare elements is enjoyable and rewarding if you already know the how-to. But pairing the mistaken parts can cancel one another, rendering them ineffective, and even result in dryness, irritation, or a damaged barrier. However, you’re right here now, and we’re instructing you tips on how to use salicylic acid and vitamin C in such a means that you just take pleasure in their advantages to the fullest, but you dodge potential undesirable outcomes. First, a short reminder of what these skincare staples can do on your pores and skin.

Salicylic acid

Salicylic acid is a member of the beta-hydroxy acids (BHAs) household derived from willow bark or lab-made. When utilized to the pores and skin, salicylic acid penetrates deep inside the pores, due to its oil-soluble nature, the place it dissolves junk and oil, unclogging pores and stopping breakouts. Also, salicylic acid works on the pores and skin’s floor the place it loosens useless cells buildup, smoothing and softening the complexion whereas diminishing darkish patches. Salicylic acid is a go-to for mixture, oily and breakout-prone pores and skin varieties and a no-no for dry and mature skins.

Vitamin C

Vitamin C is an antioxidant that protects the pores and skin in opposition to environmental harm, offsetting untimely wrinkles and darkish spots. Besides, vitamin C is nice at inducing collagen manufacturing when utilized topically, making wrinkles much less seen, firming pores and skin, and rising elasticity whereas serving to pores and skin retain extra moisture. Another perk of vitamin C that makes us all crave it’s its potential to intrude with melanin manufacturing, that means it brightens hyperpigmentation and evens tone. With these being mentioned, everybody and their mom ought to use vitamin C of their skincare routine. 

Can you employ salicylic acid and vitamin C collectively?

Salicylic acid and vitamin C make a profitable duo when paired in your skincare routine. Whatever you wrestle with, from extra sebum, pimples, or uneven tone, utilizing salicylic acid and vitamin C may reveal one of the best model of your pores and skin. As a matter of truth, research proved that vitamin C and salicylic acid work synergically to scale back melasma, delivering excellent advantages when used collectively with out unwanted effects. However, as a result of each elements work at an acidic pH, you must pair them with additional care to keep away from dryness and potential irritation. But that is why you’re right here.

How to make use of salicylic acid and vitamin C collectively

Due to the low pH of salicylic acid (2.0 to three.0) and vitamin C (2.6 to three.2), they need to be mixed with warning so that you just don’t sensitize your pores and skin. As such, there are a couple of methods to make use of salicylic acid and vitamin C collectively in your skincare routine to take one of the best of each worlds.

Use them on various days

You ought to use salicylic acid and vitamin C on various days, particularly in case your pores and skin is well reactive, but in addition if you wish to take it gradual and observe how your pores and skin reacts to this combo. This technique is very helpful in the event you’re utilizing salicylic acid and vitamin C in serums as they shoot extra actives into the pores and skin as a result of their small molecules. So, you must use your salicylic acid and vitamin C serums on totally different days, giving your pores and skin the time to regulate and observe the way it responds.

Apply salicylic acid and vitamin C at totally different instances of the day

Another approach to pair salicylic acid and vitamin C is by utilizing them at totally different instances of the day. You want antioxidant safety through the day, so layering vitamin C within the morning and leaving the salicylic acid product for the night time is what you must do. 

Pair salicylic acid and vitamin C in numerous merchandise

You can safely use salicylic acid and vitamin C in various skincare merchandise. For occasion, you’ll be able to apply a salicylic acid toner, adopted by a vitamin C serum, or you can begin off with a vitamin C-infused cleanser after which layer a salicylic acid serum. Another mild means to make use of salicylic acid and vitamin C collectively is to smear on a salicylic acid serum, then comply with with a vitamin C moisturizer, or begin with a vitamin C-enriched serum and lure it with a salicylic acid moisturizer

Use salicylic acid and vitamin C in the identical product

Maybe one of the best ways to pair salicylic acid and vitamin C is utilizing skincare merchandise that include each. This means, you already know for positive they received’t alter your pores and skin pH, dry or irritate your pores and skin as they’re optimally formulated so to pair these two powerhouses in the identical routine with out worrying about irritation. However, because it’s the case with all skincare merchandise, you need to do a take a look at patch earlier than going all-in. Here are our prime picks for merchandise that use salicylic acid and vitamin C of their formulation:

Final phrases

Knowing what elements can and can’t be used collectively comes with many advantages on your pores and skin. Our skincare dictionary and elements cheat checklist are nice locations to keep watch over all skincare elements and be taught how one can combine them for dramatic outcomes.

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