Biden, Obama exploit tragedy for personal, political gain

There are particular dungeons in hell reserved for politicians who vote to ship our boys to die in wars they don’t actually imagine in. President Biden, John Kerry and Hillary Clinton will discover out in due time.

Mr. Kerry couldn’t wait even one election cycle earlier than he deserted the troops he despatched to die in Iraq. He ran for president in 2004 on a marketing campaign in opposition to the very conflict he had supported only one yr earlier than. 

Remember: “I voted for it before I voted against it,” he boasted throughout his presidential marketing campaign.

But what would you anticipate from a man who accused his fellow troopers of atrocities after he was safely again from Vietnam? Then publicly threw away anyone else’s conflict medals to “protest” the conflict?

At least Mrs. Clinton waited 10 years earlier than she modified her thoughts in regards to the conflict she despatched good males to die in. Her headstone might learn, “Less Despicable Than John Kerry.”

And these folks surprise why no person trusts them to launch one other conflict.

Then there’s the place in hell we mortals can not even think about for politicians who dance on the graves of harmless useless kids right here at house. For these sick, craven politicians, there is no such thing as a human atrocity they received’t exploit to advance their very own private, partisan, political agenda.

“Never let a crisis go to waste,” they are saying. Out loud.

America heaved and wretched this week over the slaughter of 19 kids in an elementary faculty in Texas, together with two defenseless lecturers who certainly sacrificed their very own lives in futile hopes of saving the youngsters of their care.

It is a kind of moments when folks weep till they don’t have any extra tears. They pray. And they’re crammed with questions on life and demise and the capability for evil on this world.

The one factor no respectable human thinks about at moments like that is: How can I flip this unspeakable tragedy to my very own private benefit? That is a wholly new degree of unthinkable depravity.

Except for sure politicians. The similar ones who discuss overtly about by no means letting a disaster go to waste. Many of them are the identical politicians who vote to ship boys to die in wars they don’t really imagine in or later change their minds about.

Failed politician Robert Francis O’Rourke — a non-public faculty wealthy boy who now calls himself “Beto” in hopes that voters will suppose he’s Hispanic — crashed a press convention of regulation enforcement officers and grieving residents so as to insert himself into the carnage. He is as soon as once more working for some public workplace in Texas for which he’s completely unfit.

Apparently, that is the “white privilege” we have now been listening to a lot about.

Then there’s former President Barack Obama, who bizarrely selected to “grieve” the 19 useless kids by evaluating them to George Floyd, the grown man who was a felon and died in police custody after passing faux cash and shoving a deadly quantity of medicine up his personal anus as a result of it was the quickest option to get excessive that day.

It is secure to say that Mr. Obama is not going to be requested to talk at any of the funerals. But he’s residing proof that, certainly, we have now a disaster of psychological illness in America at present.

Mr. O’Rourke and Mr. Obama ought to be first in line for testing any new psychological well being therapies that come in the marketplace. But Mr. Obama’s desecration of the 19 useless kids isn’t even the worst factor he’s ever achieved.

No, the worst factor he ever did was to depart us with Mr. Biden as president. For 50 years, the completely incompetent and delusional Joe Biden has been wandering round Washington attempting to get into the White House. Nobody let him anyplace close to the place — till Mr. Obama waved him inside.

Again, there’s that “white privilege.”

Mr. Biden’s easy activity — each as president and within the aftermath of the Texas bloodbath — was to unify the nation. Instead, he did all he might to politicize the tragedy and switch American residents in opposition to each other.

Families have been nonetheless being knowledgeable that they’d misplaced kids when Mr. Biden — talking from the White House — used the tragedy to push his personal partisan political agenda of disarming Americans. 

As a sensible, political matter, now might be not the very best time to ask Americans to give up their weapons and depend on the federal government to guard them and their kids from crazed lunatics. As a matter of human decency, Mr. Biden’s remarks revealed a person whose soul is useless.

He accused lawful American gun homeowners of wanting and preserving weapons whose solely function is “to kill someone.” And then he advised a joke about deer working via the woods in bullet-proof Kevlar vests.

The man is sick. Totally deranged. His soul is rotted to the core.

God spare America. And God bless these harmless kids.

• Charles Hurt is the opinion editor for The Washington Times.

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