Where To Find Unique Engagement Rings

Your engagement is a milestone that is unique, and that uniqueness is worth celebrating with something that’s unique and unlike the off-the-rack designs offered at regular jewellery counters. After all, you deserve a piece of jewellery that is as individualistic as you are.

Since the pandemic has begun, contemporary jewellers have reported a spike in consumer interest for off-kilter, modernist jewellery options. It seems like today’s customers are in search of unconventional alternatives, and that has also extended into the engagement rings market. This has eventually allowed for unusual – and sometimes, unheard of – designers to rise to the fore with their brand of avant garde designs.

With that being said, many of these designers still offer quality stones – be it sparkling diamonds or more colourful precious stones. Each one of the 11 jewellery brands and designers in this list presents a different way of remixing the traditional engagement ring, putting the “something new” into your nuptials.

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