3 reasons why facial oils can be good for your skin

When it comes to facial oils, negative thoughts such as “too oily”, “clogs pores” and “sticky” would first come to mind. On the flip side, there are many with dry skin types who swear by the use of facial oils to rescue their desert-like skin.

These days, the idea of using one of these nourishing oils as a way to replenish the skin’s moisture levels has become a trend, with celebs like Fan Bingbing swearing by the technique. Consequently, many brands have started releasing their own facial oils touting various efficacies and textures to meet the needs of the public. Lightweight and easy to absorb, these oils go against the negative reactions one might have towards facial oils.

But first, why should you start using facial oils?

1) It replenishes and strengthens the sebum barrier

The sebum barrier is the natural protective film of the skin. Not only does it help retain moisture and prevent dryness, but it also protects against external aggressors. When the sebum barrier is thin, which largely occurs in those with dry skin, the skin becomes more susceptible to external damage from ultraviolet rays, air pollution, temperature changes and more. Therefore, the use of facial oils can replenish the sebum barrier from the outside and keep such skin problems at bay.

2) It reduces skin moisture loss

The balance of water and oil in the skin is very important. This is especially so in hot and humid Singapore where we wash our faces whenever it appears too oily, resulting in over-cleansing that strips away the skin’s healthy oils. Staying in an air-conditioned environment for prolonged periods can also dry out the skin. Having sufficient oil is important to create a protective film to reduce moisture loss from evaporation due to the dry air.

3) It helps skincare products absorb better

The structure of our skin means that oil-based ingredients are more easily absorbed into the skin than water-based ingredients. This is why many skincare products contain a percentage of oils to ensure that the nutrients can be absorbed to provide the desired results.

Do we have you convinced ? Here are our current facial oils favourites to shop now:

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